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The Good News! We are working on a WEB version of Class Builder that will open the app to all mobile devices, and offer a plethora of new features for all users - even iOS device owners.

The Bad News! Spotify has clarified its position for developers like us who have integrated their app.

They will only permit it for free apps. Consequently we are building a "player" that will be free and thus can integrate with spotify while the version of the app that is used to BUILD the classes will remain in the current app. If you use Spotify, turn off "auto-updates" so you do not lose your Spotify features until we create the player and a method to move all of your classes over to it. Version 2.8.1 will be the last version to use Spotify.


How It Works

Select a Playlist
Select Objectives
Build a Library

Start a Ride and EnjoyFull Control During Class

Simple Taps, Seamless Results

Click Here To See a Class Built in 4 min!

1.0 Getting Started
Home Page, Settings, Info Icon

V2.8 YOUR Music, Our Video
18m 13s
Using your music with videos that are long or shorter

V2.7 The Spotify Version
5m 34s
Setting Up Spotify & New Sample Class

V2.5 Adding Video Segments
5m 48s
Adding Various Length Videos

1.5 Concepts & Definitions
2m 37s
Focus, Category, Help

2.0 Creating A New Class
1m 5s
Selecting a Playlist, Level defined

2.5 Segments & Songs
1m 30s
Song or Segment Settings

3.0 Building Your Cues
2m 56s
Add & Edit Cues, Reorder Songs

4.0 Building a Profile
2m 58s
Edit Class, Segment Settings

5.0 Printing a Class
1m 50s
Printing a Class

6.0 The Class PDF
2m 2s
Shows the printed Class PDF

7.0 Riding Your Class
12m 12s
Instructor's Display Info & Functions

8.0 Projecting The Class
7m 27s
Examples, Settings & Hardware

9.0 Correcting Music Problems
2m 43s
If Music Goes Missing, What To Do

10.0 More On Editing
4m 23s
Power Features for Building & Editing

Ver.1.4-Lots of Little Things
6m 21s
Shuffle, PDFs, Class Description, etc

Ver.1.4-Copy & Paste
5m 38s
Class, Segment & Cue Duplicating

Class Built in Real Time
4m 33s
Create class based on Playlist

IPod Holders Reviewed
10m 54s
Results of multi-prod search

Attaching Holders to the Bike
9m 54s
Demonstration of Set-up

Awesome RAM Mount
4m 40s
Possibly Best iPod Mount Ever

Cue Editing Keyboard
5m 27s
Control song while setting cues

Email & Sorting
2m 30s
Email Playlist & Class Sorting-Last Played

2m 09s
Auto-Profile Toggle Switch

Pre-Class & In-Class Display
1m 54s
Pre-Class, Song Button, & Cue List

V2.01 The Cloud Version
11m 42s
Synching All Your Devices To The Cloud

V2.01 Portrait & Scrub Controls
3m 43s
Portrait Mode, Scrubbing Songs & Class

V2.1 Airplay Enabled
9m 13s
Enabling Airplay for Wireless Display

V2.1 New Display Features
5m 58s
Display Options, New Graphics, New Vol.

V2.5 Adding Photos/Graphics
7m 30s
Class Loading, Photo/Graphic Set-Up