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Now Version 2.7 Offers SPOTIFY INTEGRATION! Premium account holders can now have continuously new music!
Version 2.6 Offers VIDEO SEGMENTS! From 2 to 23 minute virtual cycling snippets to spice up your class!

How It Works

Select a Playlist
Select Objectives
Build a Library

Start a Ride and EnjoyFull Control During Class

Simple Taps, Seamless Results

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1.0 Getting Started
Home Page, Settings, Info Icon

V2.7 The Spotify Version
5m 34s
Setting Up Spotify & New Sample Class

V2.5 Adding Video Segments
5m 48s
Adding Various Length Videos

1.5 Concepts & Definitions
2m 37s
Focus, Category, Help

2.0 Creating A New Class
1m 5s
Selecting a Playlist, Level defined

2.5 Segments & Songs
1m 30s
Song or Segment Settings

3.0 Building Your Cues
2m 56s
Add & Edit Cues, Reorder Songs

4.0 Building a Profile
2m 58s
Edit Class, Segment Settings

5.0 Printing a Class
1m 50s
Printing a Class

6.0 The Class PDF
2m 2s
Shows the printed Class PDF

7.0 Riding Your Class
12m 12s
Instructor's Display Info & Functions

8.0 Projecting The Class
7m 27s
Examples, Settings & Hardware

9.0 Correcting Music Problems
2m 43s
If Music Goes Missing, What To Do

10.0 More On Editing
4m 23s
Power Features for Building & Editing

Ver.1.4-Lots of Little Things
6m 21s
Shuffle, PDFs, Class Description, etc

Ver.1.4-Copy & Paste
5m 38s
Class, Segment & Cue Duplicating

Class Built in Real Time
4m 33s
Create class based on Playlist

IPod Holders Reviewed
10m 54s
Results of multi-prod search

Attaching Holders to the Bike
9m 54s
Demonstration of Set-up

Awesome RAM Mount
4m 40s
Possibly Best iPod Mount Ever

Cue Editing Keyboard
5m 27s
Control song while setting cues

Email & Sorting
2m 30s
Email Playlist & Class Sorting-Last Played

2m 09s
Auto-Profile Toggle Switch

Pre-Class & In-Class Display
1m 54s
Pre-Class, Song Button, & Cue List

V2.01 The Cloud Version
11m 42s
Synching All Your Devices To The Cloud

V2.01 Portrait & Scrub Controls
3m 43s
Portrait Mode, Scrubbing Songs & Class

V2.1 Airplay Enabled
9m 13s
Enabling Airplay for Wireless Display

V2.1 New Display Features
5m 58s
Display Options, New Graphics, New Vol.

V2.5 Adding Photos/Graphics
7m 30s
Class Loading, Photo/Graphic Set-Up