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The Heart Rate Monitor Guidebook
PDF Version of Sally Edwards ground breaking book on training with a heart rate monitor.  This is the leading edge resource for anyone wanting to take that next step by learning advanced information on heart rate based monitoring and measurement. It focuses on the bodies physiology during exercise as well as how it recovers, implementing heart rate technology into all aspects of training. This book is geared toward the fitness trainers, coaches, and instructors who wish to apply heart zone training to their own programs as well as their clients.
Price : $24.95
The "buying guide" aspect of the book is surpassed only by the specific and detailed training aspects. Whether you are an Indoor Cycling Instructor, an Outdoor Cycling Coach, or just someone who likes to structure their own workouts, you will want these training tools!
The Complete Guide To Power Training - PDF - International Version

eBook (PDF Version) - The Complete Guide To Power Training For Indoor Cycling is A Comprehensive Resource For Indoor Cycling Instructors and Riders - Metric Version

245 Pages, 291 Photos, 101 Figures, Charts & Tables, 13 Downloadable Forms & Spreadsheets in both Mac & Windows Formats, 6 Narrated Animations, 4 Interactive Graphics AND 3 Downloadable Wall Charts.

13 Different Bike Manufacturers including 10 At-Home models have been compiled with all the essential information to make choosing your next bike more efficient than you could imagine. There is even a dedicated chapter to the Power Consoles, describing what makes each one unique or worth a second look. Each bike also has direct links to their websites, full spec sheets, and even interactivity for a few models as well.

Price : $24.95
PLEASE NOTE: If you have an iPad - this is an AMAZING iBook. It is sold only through apple from the iBook store. They take 30% and so it's a bit more expensive there, but if you are familiar with the advantages of that type of medium, you know that the various interactivity, animations and videos are worth it. Also, if you use Class Builder - the iPad is a phenomenal way to deliver classes so if you don't have an iPad yet... think early birthday present! Click here to see it in the iBook store