Cycling Fusion Clothes
Our 2011 Cycling Fusion cycling clothes are now on sale. Choose from jackets, jerseys, vests, and shorts all designed by Cycling Fusion. We also have a limited number of plain cycling shorts available, mostly in larger sizes but at a lower cost. You'll be a true Cycling Fusion Fanatic in this gear.
Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle

The M3 is Keiser's pioneering, third-generation, indoor cycle - the result of over a decade of manufacturing experience and research, and developed in conjuction with the cooperation and feedback of trainers and facilites worldwide. By utilizing a revolutionary new magnetic resistance system, the M3 delivers a superior ride which feels just like an actual road bike.

iPad Stand This page also lists the iPad stand for Indoor Cycling Instructors or Self-Op Cycling Rooms.

Power Training Materials
From eBooks to Power Charts, we have resources that can help you bring real Power Training to your Indoor Cycling program. This is training designed for the Indoor environment, taking your riding program to the next level. As always, all of our training is validated and continuously tested against outdoor applicability as well. Now you can read and teach Power Training in a way everyone can understand, not just the most advanced or elite outdoor cyclist.
Heart Monitors
To train without a heart monitor is equivalent to choosing luck over logic. Sure, it works sometimes, but you're better than that. If you know anything about Cycling FusionTM, you know that Heart Zones® training is what sets us apart from the hype of the latest fad, and sets our foundation on science and proven results. From iPod to full GPS enabled mapping monitors, we have our top picks here with the promise that we will match any price found on the internet.

Cycling Fusion Products
We won't deny it, we are fanatics. In fact, we're proud to be Fusion Fanatics. We know that those who have experienced the beautiful and powerful combination of Indoor and Outdoor Cycling are amazed that more riders don't live in both worlds. Well, these products help you show your love of this great marriage of environments and training techniques.
The DVDs from our affiliate company, Global Ride ProductionsTM, were created to produce the highest quality virtual cycling DVDs on the market. Previous encounters with virtual cycling DVDs and feedback about other products had been relatively negative - there simply existed no product that truly captured accurate cycling principles, a real feeling of being on the road and appropriate instruction. Global Ride changed all that by filming high-quality international scenes using honest cycling training methods, paired it with multiple coaching tracks from international coaches and industry leaders, layered it with upbeat, commercial music and topped it all off with bonus yoga, pilates or strength training sessions on every DVD. For more information on our DVDs, please check out Global Ride Productions.
Free Motion Indoor Cycle
Delivering innovation and sophistication in every aspect of the design, these indoor cycling bikes will forever change the way we train. Built with frames that refuse to rust, geometry to fit virtually every user, a drive system that mimics outdoor cycling and a console that features direct power measurement, the FreeMotion® S Series is a revolution.