Individual - 12 Weeks of Base Training on an External HD

Early purchase individuals will be eligible for our December 2020 "practice sessions".


Do you have a hard time sticking to a set schedule due to work, family or friends? Do you have slower internet service that prevents you from joining in on e-racing or other streaming technology? Our PDF only or video on demand (VOD) plan is perfect for you. We provide you with the full 12 weeks and 36 rides of Base Training all clearly documented via PDF files. We even provide you with the associated playlists so that you can experience the same rides. If you really want to have video to watch, we have compiled a "Best Of" series of weeks one through twelve from prior years trainings. All of this is provided to you on an external hard disk that is yours to keep. It has the 12 rides, 12 lectures, the PDF formats of this year's rides and playlists, and all of the forms that you will need. This can be done on any bike (indoor or outdoor on a trainer). Take your spring performance to an all new level while experiencing these rides via VOD.


PLEASE NOTE: Full 2021 plan and all of the details will be available mid-December 2020.

Individual - 12 Weeks of Base Training on an External HD

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