Jan Bundle: Essentials 4th + Remote Teaching

This is our January Sale Package:


You get: Indoor Cycling Essentials 4th Edition and Remote Instruction Certification


Both are recorded, so you can watch the lecture at any time.



The essentials of indoor cycling provides both new and experienced instructors with all of the information they need to pass the certification test and begin teaching like a ROCK STAR. We provide an understanding of the equipment, environment and format, as well as sound knowledge of proper training, form, technique and presentation. Unlike any other certification, our unique format allows for almost 4 full hours of class building and delivery experience so that you are ready to teach once you pass your exam.


THIS WORKSHOP WILL RUN Saturday, January 9th, 2021 at 9 AM – 6:00 PM.

Our day will include the following information:

- Overview

- Bike Setup, Proper Form & Technique

- Ride #1

- Real Cycling. Real Training. Real Results

- Lunch Break

- Ride #2

- Designing the Ride

- Working with Music

- Communication and Delivery

Remote Instruction Certification:

This workshop and certification will prepare you to become a profitable and quality Remote Fitness Instructor. We will teach you how to decide which method is right for you, how to plan out your classes, which music to use and how to use it, how to mitigate class liability and how to purchase and connect the necessary technology.


Workshop will be held Sunday January 10th 11am-5pm. 


We will go over the following:

- What Is Remote Instruction & Why Are You Considering It

- Coaching or Fun, How We Structure Training

- Remote Instruction Defined and Contrasted

- Getting Prepared to Teach Classes

- Class Tools- Working With Music

- Teaching to the Camera

- On Demand Classes

- Live Classes

- Interactive Classes


Both interactive classes will be held virtually online using the Zoom Platform. If you have a bike at home, you may ride along with the rides, but it is not necessary for completion of the class. You will also receive a pdf workbook, a full manual, the test for certification, 30 days access to the recorded workshop and 6 months access to our online certification.

Jan Bundle: Essentials 4th + Remote Teaching

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