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Whether you are a student, an instructor, someone who loves to race, a Spinning® instructor, an outdoor coach, an unabashed indoor-only rider, a connoisseur of all things Rails To Trails, a Charity Ride addict (MS 150s, Tour de Cures, Team in Training) or just obsessed with vacationing on two wheels – you will find Cycling Fusion's method and approach a perfect fit for your indoor experience.

In other words, could this indoor activity be transformed into a real training program for cyclists, rather than just a good group cardio activity? We loved the energy and the fun of the typical class, but we needed more ‘meat’ on the bones. The result was the founding of Cycling Fusion, where the main objective was to bring the best of both worlds together.

From racing to charity rides, on the road, the trail or in the classroom, Cycling Fusion helps you become a better rider

This was also the rationale behind the name Cycling Fusion, and the idea was then documented in what I called the Cycling Fusion Manifesto. OK, so it was a little grandiose to call it that, but what I was asking or hoping for would take millions of dollars from the manufacturers in addition to changes in the behavior and mind-set of club owners. It provided a concrete way to describe, solidify and communicate a vision for what indoor cycling could become, and how the two disparate worlds of indoor and outdoor cycling could begin to help each other grow. Here is the first sentence, and you can read the rest by clicking on the link below:  

“We believe that lives will be enriched in multiple ways when indoor riders discover cycling outside, and outdoor riders experience the fun and performance improvements that good indoor group cycling can deliver.”

Download the Cycling Fusion Manifesto

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