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Always Learning & Growing

Your Cycling Fusion Certification (all levels) is valid for two years from the date of the certificate issue. The purpose of our continuing education and recertification program is to ensure that instructors maintain foundational guidelines and continue to grow as health and fitness professionals. Our continuing education program is designed to promote a continued development of knowledge and skills and provide professional growth to encourage instructors to maintain the highest quality and standards.


Generally, we require 15 hours of continuing education and a $59.99 renewal fee to renew your certification(s) for two additional years. You do not have to renew each level individually, they will all renew as a group with the 15 hours and single fee. Cycling Fusion is fairly liberal on what we will accept for CECs. We will accept courses from current accredited fitness organizations (ACE, NASM, ASCM, NSCA, NETA, etc.) or any relevant college courses (nutrition, PE, etc...). We also give credit for on-site participation or remote participation in Heart Zones conferences and events as well as cycling events such as completing a distance with the Tour de Cure or MS Rides. In general, we give 1 CEU for each 10 miles cycled in a charity completing a Tour de Cure Centure would qualify for 10 CEUs and completing a MS 150 woudl qualify for 15 CEUs. Once you have your CECs approved, purchase the renewal on our Renewal & Continuing Ed Store Page.


Below are Three additional ways to renew your certification:

Join the Cycling Fusion Weekly Ride! - THE EASIEST WAY This is the Cycling Fusion ride service. You will receive: A New Ride Every Week; Complete Apple Music Playlist; Complete Spotify Playlist; Master Instructor commentary on the ride and the delivery; 8 Hrs of Cycling Fusion CE per year (CE does not come every month); and you will never have to pay a renewal fee for your CF certification (as long as you are enrolled in the monthly service). This is only available for Cycling Fusion Instructors.

Weekly Ride Purchase Link Here


Take an on-site certification class! We update the content of our on-site certifications, and the workbook, every year; which means that it is diverse enough that you can take an on-site course to renew your certification. The best part is that you do NOT have to retake the exam; just attend the course.

Choose An Onsite Renewal Here


Take the next certification Level:

The final way to renew your certification is to take the next level of Certification online from Cycling Fusion. This will renew your old cert for an additional 2 years.


Purchase Level 2 (Heart Zones) Here


Purchase Level 3 (Power) Here

Cycling Fusion Continuing Education ($10.00/Course):
  • Coming Soon!!!

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