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Master Instructor Pre-Qualification Requirements

Applicants must be active in either the outdoor cycling/triathlon community, or within a fitness facility as an “established instructor” with an active or popular Indoor Cycling / Spinning® class.
Applicants must be Cycling Fusion™ Certified in all 3 Workshops:

  • Essentials

  • Heart Zones®

  • Power Training


Applicants must be teaching at least 1 class per week and cue using Heart Zones or Wattage to convey exertion. Applicants must sign the “pledge” (in progress) to not endorse contraindicated movement or to perform any drill/function that can’t be done outside; in a phrase, to commit to the “If we don’t do it outside, we don't do it inside” philosophy of Cycling Fusion, for their Cycling Fusion classes (those listed on the schedule with the company name).*
*Any Cycling Fusion instructor can teach “non-cycling” oriented classes as long as it is not identified as a Cycling Fusion class.

Master Instructors Application Process

     1. Master Instructors must be invited to the position by Cycling Fusion™ Founder Gene Nacey or one of the current owners: Amy Smith or Joey Stabile. Certainly recommendations may be made by other Master Instructors.

     2. With all three certifications completed (or at least exams schedule to be taken within the month), applicants must go to "My Account" in the Training Center and fill out the profile form in its entirety.  Below is a screen shot of where to find this.  Click on "Author Registration" next to the word "Optional". 

Certified Indoor Cycling Instructors can apply to become master instructors
Master instructors will soon be able to submit Class Builder classes for sale through our iClass Builder app

    3. Applicants should utilize iClass Builder® or another ride delivery application for at least 50% of their classes, and at least 1 class must be submitted via Class Builder’s PDF export option.

    4. Applicants must have been seen teaching a class by a designated Cycling Fusion staff representative or the Applicant must submit a video of them teaching a 30-45 min complete class.

Master Instructor Benefits
  1. We pay one of the higherst daily rates of compensation for delivering.

  2. Free ($100/yr author fee waived) public author profile page for optional iClass Builder classes sold in the marketplace.

  3. Opportunity to be filmed for inclusion into the Training Center with payment of $100 per class or royalties of $.01 per minute, per view (45 min class = $.45, 60 min class = $.60).

  4. Qualifies for Master Instructor cycling clothing (kits and jackets will be made).

  5. Opportunity to be paid a higher rate at your local club due to your status as a Maste Instructor.

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