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Build your online presence with our video expertise.

  • Scenic Cycling

  • Scenic Rowing

  • Scenic Running

  • Scenic Walking

  • Customized fitness classes.

We feature a full service green screen studio capable of capturing multiple instructors with a full range of movement in its 20' x 20' area.


Scenic Videos

Our scenic videos are unmatched in the world of virtual exercise. We pride ourselves in our athletic heritage and our authentic videos. All of our videos are filmed with athletes in mind and athletes doing the activity. Even when you can not see the athletes on the screen, they are with the photographer to be sure that our videos are 100% authentic.

Custom Features

Because we do all of our own photography and editing, we can provide customization and branding on any of our videos. Custom dashboards, scene coaching, custom presentations and backgrounds for our green screen work are all normal for us. You can choose your footage, and then choose your customizations to make the footage yours.

Studio Work


We are unique in that our creative team has an athletic background as well. We uniquely understand group exercise and athletics. Using your talent, or ours, we can create the look and feel that you want for your on demand or streaming classes. From mobile streaming to full 4k HD video and multi-camera shots, our team of professionals can distinguish you from the marketplace.

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