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Not only do we offer the most comprehensive education in the industry with additional Heart Zones@ and Power certifications, we provide the most options from On-Line / On-Demand workshops, Self-Study and On-Site opportunities to get your certification.  

We have certified indoor cycling instructors all over the world

Over 1,500 instructors certified in more than 44 countries

OPTION 1: On-Line Workshop

This is not your typical online course. This dynamic workshop was filmed live with multiple cameras, indoor and outdoor video, side bar educational segments, graphic illustrations, and 2 master classes. You are practically sitting in a live workshop from the comfort of your own home. You have full control to repeat different chapters and review the material you really want to focus on. Once you are done taking the workshop and studying the manual, you can then take the online exam.

OPTION 2: Study the Manual and Take the Test

If you have already taken an 8 hour workshop to learn how to teach Indoor Cycling or Spinning®, but you have not had your certification active or renewed, you can purchase the exam and Essential Training for Indoor Cycling manual and study at your own pace. When you are ready, take your exam online. If you have never taken a full day workshop, you will likely need Option 1 above.


OPTION 3: Attend an On-Site, In-Person Workshop

Attend an Essential Training for Indoor Cycling workshop at a host site near you. You will have an opportunity to interact with a master instructor and make valuable connections with other instructors, check out our On-Site, In-Person schedule.

Stop watching and start teaching. Bring your own music and energy and we can train you to do the rest.
  • Bike Setup

  • Proper Form & Technique

  • Real Cycling. Real Training. Real Results.

  • Risk Stratification

  • Sample Drills & Classes

  • Designing the Ride

  • Working with Music

  • Communication & Presentation

While this is not just for outdoor riders, if you do ride outside, you will want to be Cycling Fusion certified. It is the most cycling specific certification available and the only one approved by USA Cycling

  • Terminology, Technology, and Recovery

  • The Heart Zones Threshold Training System

  • Thresholds and How To Detect Them

  • Calculating and Validating Training Zones

  • The Reality of Zone Training

  • BONUS - Bringing the Outside Inside

  • Maintaining Zones and Training Load

  • Calculating Training Load

  • Building Classes and Class Builder


In Level 2 you will find the founders and close collaborators of only Independent instructor certification for Indoor Cycling: Gene Nacey, Tom Scotto, and the living legend & creator of Heart Zones® herself, Sally Edwards.

  • Power Training for The Masses

  • Our Theme: Purpose & Practicality

  • Watt is Power

  • Power Meters, Consoles, Bikes

  • Know Your Limiters of Power

  • Heart Rate Monitor vs Power Meter

  • Power to Weight Ratio: The Great Equalizer

  • Cadence Considerations

  • Power Zones for Indoor Cycling

  • Power Translation & Interpretation

  • Teaching With Power

  • Building Indoor Cycling Power Workouts

Conducted by the author of Power Training for Indoor Cycling, Coach Gino - the first Indoor Cycling book dedicated to how to teach on bikes with power

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