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2023 Base Training Program

Welcome to the Cycling Fusion Base Training program. This program has been held annually sing 2007 with amazing success for our riders. This program includes 36 recorded rides (via Vimeo) which cover cycling technique, base building concepts, heart rate theory and group rides via zoom.

This year will we have added a few things to help build on last years training:

1) This year, all of the rides are brand new. We have new ride designs, new talking content and new scenic footage.

2) All of our training will be done virtually through Zoom Webinar or by watching the Vimeo videos.

Here is a short list of the particulars:

1. The Zoom rides will be held for 12 weeks which spans January 29nd through April 16th.

2. The long rides will again be on Sundays via Zoom at 8am Eastern Time. The Zoom sessions will not be recorded this year, but all of the rides will be in Vimeo so you can get the full resolution videos if you can not make the session.

3. In 2023 we will ride both Tuesday and Thursday evenings via Zoom at 7pm Eastern Time. Again the all sessions will be in Vimeo if you can not make the session.

4. Ride Journal is still available through Gene Nacey. Additionally, Coach Gino will be available (at an additional charge) to meet with you by phone or Zoom to tweak your plan specifically for your goals.

2023 Base Training Program

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