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Teach w/ Power Onsite - Believe N-U Fitness PA


We offer the most comprehensive indoor cycling certification in the industry. Designed by the author of Power Training for Indoor Cycling, Coach Gino - the first Indoor Cycling book dedicated to how to teach on bikes with power.


  • Power Training for The Masses

  • Our Theme: Purpose & Practicality

  • Watt is Power

  • Power Meters, Consoles, Bikes

  • Know Your Limiters of Power

  • Heart Rate Monitor vs Power Meter

  • Power to Weight Ratio: The Great Equalizer

  • Cadence Considerations

  • Power Zones for Indoor Cycling

  • Power Translation & Interpretation

  • Teaching With Power

  • Building Indoor Cycling Power Workouts


Also, please bring the following items: A change or two of clothes (we will do several rides), cycling shoes-spd type or athletic shoes, water or water bottle, snacks, lunch, pen or pencil, paper. We will provide you with a PDF WORKBOOK before the training.

Teach w/ Power Onsite - Believe N-U Fitness PA

  • Please note: you will receive access to your online video workshop, pdf workbook and exam within 36 hours. We will establish an account for you in our Training Center and all of the course materials will be available through there.


    Thank you for choosing Cycling Fusion.

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