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iBook on Power Training Is Approved & In iBook Store!

SUNDAY TRAINING for the Tour De Cure (May 18th) & MS 150 (July 19 & 20) now moves outside when it isn't raining.

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  • 6th Apr
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  • You've Found Us!

    Former Heart Zones® Cycling & Stage5 Cycling fused into one comprehensive Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification program

    Cycling Specific, for a any bike, any club, any time... anytime? because it's available right now!

  • Do You Teach?

    If you teach Indoor Cycling or Spinning®, meet your new best friend!

    Class Builder® auto-creates the ride profile for projection, empowering you for maximum student engagement, education, and entertainment, all at your fingertips.

  • Maximum Variety!

    The Training Center is the most complete source of Indoor Cycling videos available... anywhere - and all of it streaming, no DVDs to keep track of.

    Designed with group cycling in mind, they are extremely popular for at home individual work-outs as well.

  • Certs, iPhone apps, eBooks...

    Regardless of which instructor or rider resource we produce, you can be sure it has a solid foundation built in that follows the proven, science based methods of Sally Edwards and Heart Zones USA.

Are You Interested In Teaching or Training?

Inovation, Technology, Education. If you love to ride inside and are thinking about teaching, you've come to the right place. We are taking Indoor Cycling to the next level and we need you to help us do it! To learn more, click here

Video Segments - Virtual Cycling Rides from Hawaii to Italy - Are Coming To Class Builder®

Segments range in length, type of terrain, etc.

If you are a Spinning® or Indoor Cycling instructor and you use Class Builder, you're going to see the industry standard teaching tool set the bar one more notch higher. Class Builder is waiting on final approval in the App store for allowing this upgrade.

Choose a 5 min segment for warmup in Hawaii, or a 15 minute climb in Spain. Learn More...

Check out the 2013 Dirty Dozen - Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out!
Continuous New Content

Starting next week, this space will begin to be populated with FREE content and content previews of what is new in our Training Center.

#1 recommendation for training with us - get a Heart Rate monitor that uploads to the web.
Parking Lot & Ride to Hill 1
Dirty Dozen

Hill 1
Dirty Dozen

Hill 2
Dirty Dozen

Rest Stop
Dirty Dozen

Hill 3
Dirty Dozen

Hill 4
Dirty Dozen

Hill 5
Dirty Dozen

Hill 6
Dirty Dozen

Hill 7
Dirty Dozen

Hill 8
Dirty Dozen

Hill 9
Dirty Dozen

Hills 10+11
Dirty Dozen

Hill 12
Dirty Dozen