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    • You've Found Us!

      We are now 800 strong and growing! Former Heart Zones® Cycling & Stage5 Cycling fused into one comprehensive Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification program

      Cycling Specific, for a any bike, any club, any time... anytime? because it's available right now!

    • Do You Teach?

      If you teach Indoor Cycling or Spinning®, meet your new best friend!

      Class Builder® auto-creates the ride profile for projection, empowering you for maximum student engagement, education, and entertainment, all at your fingertips.

    • Maximum Variety!

      The Training Center is the most complete source of Indoor Cycling videos available... anywhere - and all of it streaming, no DVDs to keep track of.

      Designed with group cycling in mind, they are extremely popular for at home individual work-outs as well.

    • Certs, iPhone apps, eBooks...

      Regardless of which instructor or rider resource we produce, you can be sure it has a solid foundation built in that follows the proven, science based methods of Sally Edwards and Heart Zones USA.

    NEW on the Training Center: The Way Back - Speed Thrills BONUS Ride!

    Our first 30 minute Virtual Ride is finally up on the Training Center! Enjoy the sights and sounds of the familiar Maui road from the main Speed Thrills ride, but in reverse! Click here to ride!

    Our Level 3 Power Certification Course is now On-Line and ready to extend your re-certification.

    Now take $62.50 off of the total price until we finish our edits, and get a steal of a deal. The on-line course shows the un-edited version of the workshop. Use COUPON CODE "POWER4ME" when checking out. Click on the graphic below.

    We will be adding outdoor comparison footage and other embelishments to be consistent with our other on-line workshops where we continue to demonstrate the power of indoor cycling when taught and modeled after outdoor riding.

    ** Our Training Center Holds The Biggest Collection Of Streaming Classes & Virtual Rides**
    This Winter Train With More Variety!

    Rather than adding just a few DVDs to your collection this year, why not just subscribe to the training Center and have your pick of just about any type of Indoor Cycling class or Virtual Riding in countries around the world!
    Maui Madness: Rockin' Rollers
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    Maui Madness: Speed Thrills
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    Kauai Box Set
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    Big Island Box Set
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    Spain Box Set
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    France Box Set
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